On 28 July 1936 a boy was born to Shamont and Thelma Sobers of Walcott Avenue, Bay Land, St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados. He was the fifth of six children. He had two extra  fingers at birth during childhood he himself removed  those extras with the aid of catgut and a sharp knife .That  tremendous boy became  nightmare  for  opponent  bowlers  as well  as  batsmen. Would you guess who is he? Yes, he is the best all rounder all time, Sir Garfield St Aubun  Sobers.

In my point of view the ultimate sign of a great all rounder means a player is good enough to be picked for his team as either a batsman or a bowler. Certainly very few have ever met this criteria for instance Sobers ,Imran  Khan ,  Kith Miller and our Sakib Al Hasans. Though sobers actually debuted for  the  Windies  as a left –arm spinner, and batted near the tail. Sobers  bowled   averaged  38  over  a test  match   (21599  balls  in  93  tests) ,whereas  Sakib  averaged  40  over a test match (7242  balls  in  30  tests)



Statistical records of Sobers  as a bowler is little bit misleading,  as he was an exceptional bowler who can bowl every conceivable style from left arm spin to medium pace was fantastic for his side but  ultimately  obstacle to  his  own performance. The Windies  team  rely  on  Sobers  to fill gap ,which  was  left  after  they  pick  their team  around other  bowler. Therefore if  the pitch was likely  turn,  Sobers  would  ask  to  open the  bowling to take the  shine  off  the  new  ball before  Valetine, Ramadin, Gibbs  etc .Inversely if  the  pitch was  fast  , he  would  be  asked  to fill  the  role  of  spinners  before  Hall,  Griffith and  Gilchrist .

Their batting averages would not comparable. Sobers scared the opposition. One may never confident of victory against India until VVS is still out. If VVS is there ,it does not  matter if India are 7-125 chasing 300, Like VVS  the opposition team  was never quite  confident  until  two “S”  (Sobers  and  Sakib ) were  out .Though  Sobers  average is  pretty  high  than Sakib (Sobers average was 57.78 And Sakib’s average  is 36.07 ) Sobers  batting was  somehow  inferior to Sakib’s as he Sobers  batted more  at no. 5 and no. 6 where  as Sakib tended to bat at second or third drop.

Sakib and Sobers both are left handed batsman and left handed bowler. Sakib`s nick name is “MOYNA” and Sobers  nick name  is “ GARY” .Sobers  played  county  cricket for Nottinghamshire on the other hand Sakib has played county for Worestshire and Leicestershire .Both were selected as “Wisden Cricketer of the Year . “ Both of them lead their country also. In 1964 Sobers set the Test record for an individual batsman with 365 at 21 against Pakistan and on August 31, 1968 he became the first batsman ever to hit six consecutive sixes off an over in first class cricket against Malcom Nash.  At the moment Sakib is the no. 1 All-Rounder in all formats. Consider it as a world record as he was first selected as ICC world best all-rounded in 2009.

Sobers last his career 20 years. If Sakib can play another 10 years he probably might score around 17000 (6000 Test runs and 11000 ODI runs) plus runs and total 780 wickets (300 Test wickets and 480 ODI wickets) at current rate.

As I hope Sakib will thrive his performance than now so it is not a exaggerate thinking that cricket world might see another   Sobers like performer in near future.