What measures should take to control spot fixing ?

Though Bangladesh titled world no.1 in corruption 3 times, cricket is one of our prides which is the major source of our entertainment also. But spot fixing scandal has humiliated Bangladesh. In cricketing world we had a clean image as most of the countries have the allegation for fixing except Bangladesh. After the BPL scandal we registered our name formally in fixing. This must has shocked, disappointed and distressed Bangladesh cricket lovers. Involvement of some high profile name like Mohammad Ashraful, Mohammad Rafiq , is also particularly devastating.


Spot fixing : the devil which annihilates the innocence of cricket. @ Getty image

Recently in a joint statement ICC and BCB announced that there are 9 people involved in BPL scandal. Only Mohammad Ashraful has given the confessional statement. Ashraful’s supporters tried to make human chain and possession to support him. They want to say that Asharaful is our first superstar who gave Bangladesh many historic moment to become  proud . That’s why he (Ashariful ) should get less punishment. They also said in Bangladeshi culture we never admit our fault let alone seek pardon. Under this situation Ashraful ask for forgiveness to countrymen.

But other party opined, Asharsful should get severe punishment to set an example. But Ashraful’s severe punishment or less will not solve the problem properly. As to solve the problem we have to dig out the main causes and have to find some measures which might solve the problem effectively. I want to categorized some measures into three sections

   A. Educational measure:

BCB should step up educational programme for young player about honesty, integrity patriotism, the danger of spot fixing and corruption in cricket. Though it’s a dilemma like sex education for school children. If children are not mature enough than desire result may not come. BCB should extend education programme from capital to every district level.BCB should commence special education programme for young players of Under-15, Under-19  during national camp .BCB  should instruct player that money is very mush necessary but must not more important than mother like country. 

     B. Organizational measure:

 1. Strong and swift action should take against players who engaged with fixing.

 2. Players agent should have accredited with Board.

 3. Access to player during match should be restricted.

 4. In BPL every team should assigned an anti-corruption official with a security officer.

 5. BCB should intense its vigilance programme.

 6. BCB should instruct players not to disclose team combination before match even to the family members.

   C. Governmental measure:

Government should think of legalizing and regulating betting to reduce this to an acceptable level. According to Federation of India Chamber of Commerce Industry (FICCI) every year India is losing estimated Rs 12-20000 crore. Bangladeshi betting market must not as big as India’s. But definitely its size will grow day by day. So why Bangladesh govt.  will lose million dollar taxable revenue.

Spot fixing is so sophisticated to detect. So maybe it will be impossible to stop it entirely. But it can be said that measures described above must bring positive impact on the effort to control fixing on cricket. Fixing destroy the innocence of the game. Authority concern should not entomb this serious issue into cabinet box. Otherwise in future we will go to stadium to enjoy staged drama besides cinema hall.







Mysterious death of Hansie Cronje, Bob Woolmer and Bardish Dutt : Who is next ?

In July 30, 2013 Delhi Police filed its charge sheet in the IPL spot-fixing case naming underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his close aide Chhota Shakel and some cricketers, including S Sreesanth.


Bob Woolmer (left) and Hansie Cronje, an awesome combination but both life innings end sadly and prematurely. @ Getty Image

In 1992/93 India toured South Africa. In the first one day match South Africa needed 6 runs from only 4 balls. That exciting moment one player finished the match by hitting the famous six and was awarded Man of the match for his economical bowling. That player was  Wessel Johannes “Hansie” Cronje. In 2004 he was voted 11th greatest South African though having been life banned from cricket for his role in a match-fixing scam. Since W.G. Grace he was the first captain to win a three match after being one down. Hansie became South Africa’s highest Test run scorer in October 1999. Under his captaincy South Africa won 27 Test, lost 11, completing series victories against every team except Australia. In One Day International 99 wins from 138 matches with one tied match and three no result. In terms of matches won, his 99 wins as a captain made him the most successful captain worldwide.

On 1st June 2002 Hansie, aged 32, was killed as his scheduled flight was grounded into Quteniqua Mountains. In August 2006, South African High Court opened an inquest into the plane crash. That inquest states “the death of the Wessel Johannes (Hansie) Cronje was brought about by an act or omission prima facie amounting to an offense on the part of pilots.” Speculation that Hansie was murdered on the demand of cricket betting syndicate thrives after his death and was recently re-floated by former Nottinghamshire coach Clive Rice. Giving a confessional statement Hansie opened the dark side of cricket. He might have more information to reveal. His sudden death helped his partners to avoid legal action against them.

In October 1994, Bob Woolmer joined with Hansie as coach in South African team. Bob was hardly hesitant in innovating or introducing technology to enhance the result of the team. As a captain, Hansie gave the free rein to the former. 0n May 15, 1999 against India in the field it was determined that South African Skipper had been wearing an earpiece to receive instruction from Coach Bob Woolmer.

Later Pakistan selected Bob Woolmer as their coach. On 17 March Pakistan faced Ireland in the ninth match of the World Cup at Sabina Park and unheralded Irish team upset the Pakistanis. The lifeless body was found on the bathroom floor in his hotel’s room in the early next morning. Surprisingly all the Pakistan players had been out caught in that match against Ireland. According to Clive Rice that, fixing was definitely involved and the murder was linked to that

 More ‘odds’ can be calculated. 35748 wickets had fallen in all ODI matches till that match took place in Jamaica. Among them 19,949 wickets had been caught-that means 55.8 per cent. So the probability of all 10 wickets in an innings falling to catches produce a value of 0.0029.That is roughly as likely as 3 in 1000.Now if we look at the matches played on the Sabina Park till that day , we discover  165 caught out of 293 dismissals that is roughly 56.31 percent. The probability is 0.0032 and again roughly a chance of 3 in 1000. . So the numbers tell us that this was an extremely odd event.

In 2013 Indian fast bowler S Sreenath and other 13 have been arrested for the allegation of spot fixing in IPL. Delhi Police inspector Badrish Dutt was among those probing spot-fixing. He had information on spot fixing since last couple of month. He was specialized in cracking terrorist modules. He was awarded twice for gallantry. May 11, 2013 Dutt was found shot dead in his flat.

During an interview in the controversial new book Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy: A Journey to Heart of Cricket’s underground by Ed Hawkins. Former Chairperson of IPL, Lalit Modi has claimed that spot fixing is widespread in cricket. He added that he has survived three attempts on his life refusing to fix IPL matches.

As it is the truth like day light that Mafia Gang is related to fixing. They must not want to explore their activities .After giving the confessional statement Bangladesh’s first super hero Mohammad Ashraful may turn from their friend to foe.  Authority concern should take proper steps to avoid any mysterious incident and to dispel any kind of threat on Mohammad Ashraful’s life.

Match fixing to Spot fixing : Hansie Cronje to Mohammad Ashraful

Imagine you are watching a cricket match between Bangladesh and South Africa. Bangladesh requires 6 runs from 6 balls and 1 wicket in hand. Nasir is on the striking end and Dyle Styne is on the bowling end .You fail to be calm. You cannot hold your excitement .You keep your fingers crossed. You don’t know what happen next. Actually no one supposed to know which team will win. But one or someone knows that.  As that cricket appearing on your TV set is no more a sport, but a staged drama. You are going to be a fool. You are going to be deceited as that is a fixed match (or this is match fixing).

History says infamous Chicago White Sox scandal in 1919 was the first match-fixing incident in sport arena. ‘The News on Sunday ‘conducted a research into the 91–years of match-fixing. According to that research some gamblers had bribed several members of the Chicago White Sox team in 1919 to throw the series in favors of their rivals Cincinnati Reds. There were eight members of this team involved in this scam, subsequently banned for life time .Now let’s see what about cricket. During last 10 years 12 cricketers  have been banned.


Mohammad Ashrasful : The falling superstar of Bangladesh.
Image: AP


‘Inside The Boundary Line’ a recent book published by Leadstart Publishing, India, shocks the world by conveying that match fixing in cricket in not a sporadic but a continuous process. The author Atul Kumar won S R Jindal Prize-2011 for crusade against Corruption. He brought to light leakage of 5000 crores of rupees a year in Indian railway procurement. As  per  that book match fixing is happening in all the matches, whether T20 leagues, county cricket, ODI’s or Test cricket; and involves all players  whether the masters or the debutants. The book emphasizing that, without the active or passive involvement of cricket experts, commentators and officials match –fixing in cricket can’t be. From international matches to T20 leagues, the colour of players clothing changed, but the character of betting remained the same. This is first time ever in the history of cricket that such large scale fixing in cricket has been pointed out.

In 1994-95 when an Indian bookmaker offered money to Australian cricketers Mark Waugh and Shane Warne in exchange for weather condition and pitch related information. The episode pale away from public memory as the players being let off due to inconclusive evidence. By using this laxity properly fixer had taken over the reins of cricket by 2000.  

On 7th April 2000 Delhi police intercepted a call between the South African captain and sporting hero Hansie Cronje and a bookie Sanjay Chawla. That was the beginning of a gale storm that would sweep the very heart of international cricket. Then  an inquiry was set up and Cronje admitted to match fixing .He said that he was introduced to Mukesh Gupta ,a bookie ,by Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin.He revealed the name of Salim malik,Ata-ur-Rehman (Pakistan )Mohammad Azharuddin, Manoj Prabhakar and Ajay Jadeja (India)  .Three other South African Cricketers  Herchelle  Gibbs, Henry Williams and Nicky Boje were also the part of the fixing, according to Delhi police. Later in June 2002 Cronje’s flight which was scheduled to Johannesburg to George crashed into Quteniqa Mountains. Cronje exposed the dark side of cricket. His death helped many of his partners escape the law enforce agencies. This death will remain a mystery.

In 2000 Azharuddin was found guilty of match fixing with a bookmaker, Mukesh Gupta. Eventually Azharuddin ,one of the most successful Indian captains ,was banned from playing cricket for life, though he said that he was being wrongly targeted for being a Muslim. After 12 years November 2012 Azharuddin got relief from the Andra Pradesh High Court which held the BCCI action as ‘illegal’ and ‘unsustainable’

Salim Malik played his last Test match in 1999 .He captained Pakistan in South Africa and Zimbabwe before being suspended having been accused of bribery. However he was found innocent .But in May 2000 Qayyam’s enquiry banned him from associating with the game.23rd October 2008 a local court in Lahore has lifted the life ban imposed by PCB.

In 2010 match fixing turned into spot fixing. That year  Mervyn Westfield and Danish Kaneria were accused of spot-fixing during their county stint with Essex.  .’ Spot–fixing ‘refers to illegal activity in a specific part of a game is fixed. For instance something as minor as timing of a no ball or wide delivery in cricket or timing the first throw-in or corner in football. Match fixing, where a whole match is fixed, differs from spot-fixing. Spot fixing is more difficult to detect. It is related with the betting markets of the Indian subcontinent where bets can be placed on individual deliveries in a match. In November 2011 Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Arif were found guilty by a London court on criminal charge relating to spot fixing.

Bangladeshi  off spinner  Shariful Haque was banned for spot fixing in 2012 before BPL. In May 2012 five domestic cricketers Amit Yadav, Mohnish Mishra, Abhinav Bali, TP Sudhinra and Shalabh Srivastava were suspended from cricket for spot fixing by BCCI. In 2013 three IPL cricketers  S Sreesanht, Ankit Chauhan, Ajit Chandila were arrested for spot fixing allegation.

After the completion of BPL second edition in 2013 first superstar of Bangladesh Mohammad Ashraful  gave a confessional statement to Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) about his involvement not only that year’s BPL but also in international matches for his country. On 14 August, 2013 David Richardson, ICC CEO, announced that 9 individuals including 3 foreigners, had been charged with corruption in BPL.

Bangladesh NewZealand series: Hope for the best.

Dead line 17 October, 2010 I was waiting at queue for transport to return home from university. Beside the queue in a shop lot of people gathered to watch the last match between Bangladesh and NewZeland.NewZealand required eight more runs to win in the final over but they had just one wicket in hand.Tense appeared on the whole country from stadium.All the people who gathered in front of the roadside shop to become the part of a historical moment of Bangladesh cricket.As Bangladesh won 3 matches out of 4 (1 match washed away due to rain.) Another win was required to clinch the series 4-0, our first sweep against a major team. Kyle Mills was the in striking end and Rubel Hossen the most successful bowler of that match was in the bowling end .Like every Bangladeshi cricket fan I could not hold my excitement when it all came to four runs in four balls and at last we sparked celebration when Rubel bowled Kyle Mills on 33.Bangladesh cricket team made history inscribing a new word ‘Bangla Wash’ in our dictionary.

After 3 years on this October Kiwis are coming. In the 2 years Bangladesh has gone from strength to strength, somewhat successfully Bangladesh Premier League, coming within 3 runs of winning the Asia Cup, an ODI series win against West Indies, another series drawn in SriLanka and posting their best ever total in Test in successive tours. They had disappointing last series in Zimbabwe.A prediction might seem easy on paper but reality must be different.This is an important series for Bangladesh team who did not play enough crickets in last few years.


The tigers have not played enough matches to make a certain statement, but the recent trends look good. (Except Zimbabwe series).In the last series Bangladesh team partially missed its premium player’s service. But in this series it is expected that Bangladesh team might deploy its full force. So bowling as well as batting must get crucial momentum.Though Bangladeshi cricketers have detached from active cricket since Zimbabwe tour, Sakib and Tamim engage in cricket (like county cricket, CPL) at the moment.This two players engagements with cricket must help Bangladesh in the upcoming series.But cricket is a game of eleven players not two. Then the million dollar question is what about our other players.After Zimbabwe tour they did not play international cricket even domestic cricket.This gargantuan gap takes its toll in the home series .Such a long gap may stop their engine.If cricketers failed to start their engine before the series, what would be the probable result.NewZealand might win the series by 4-0 or 5-0 whatever. Without playing enough, one team cannot do well.It’s the reality. We the Bangladeshi are cricket freak nation. For instance after clinch the series against NewZealand , cricketers have been showered with gifts including new cars and plots of land etc. as like other major win.On the other hand we the cricket fan throw stone to the bus which carried players, who defeat our team, we burn our so loved cricketer’s posters and dummy, we organize procession against our team as we cannot accept their vanquish. But a true Bangladesh cricket fan must encourage cricketers not only after any win but also after all defeat since the support actually in need at that time .

Last May 2013 NewZealand played NatWest series in England. They lost the test series to England by 2-0; they come back strongly in ODI series by winning 2-1.TG Southee played vital role in that series by picking total 15 wickets (12 test wickets and 3 ODI wickets).N Wagner and KS Williamson also contributed as a bowler. LRPL Taylor scored total 5 fifties in the series, though MJ Guptil hited the only century. It is expected that they might play a vital role in the home series.
Zimbabwe series humiliated Bangladesh once again. Though most of the cricketers must try to overlook this series except Robiul Islam and ‘Mr. Consistent’ Nasir Hossen. In the drawn Test series Robiual, the man of the series took total 17 wickets( 15 test wickets and 2 ODI wickets) will play major role in the upcoming series. Nasir has been doing well through last few years. Maintaining as usual consistency Nasir scored highest total 305 runs (174 test runs and 131 ODI runs).Our ‘Ice Cool ’ captain Musfiqur Rahim scored total 222(159 test runs and 63 ODI uns) and Worlds no .1 all rounder Sakib Al Hasan scored third highest total 202 runs(149 test runs and 53 ODI runs). Hope our these key players must maintain their quality performance in upcoming NewZealand series. We also pray that our beloved Bangladesh cricket team will make Kiwis flightless again.

BCB and Clubs play aganist Bangladesh cricket.

Imagine Bangladesh cricket team is going to play against England without playing any domestic cricket. Then what result you expect  from them? You must not expect our tigers would play for win rather narrowing the defeat margin as we did at the earlier stage. I am sure as a Bangladesh cricket fan you must not think that even in unconscious mind but the real thing is different from our expectation.

Bangladesh domestic cricketers have not played any domestic cricket since mid-February. Once there was an ODI tournament with National League that has no trace through past few years.  Dhaka Premier League is the only platform for cricketers to practice 50 over match.DPL is not only main source of income of many cricketers but also a big stage for practicing cricket. The tournament  was supposed to be held in March-April,2013.At that time Bangladesh were touring in Sri Lanka and Dhaka clubs refused to participate without national  players. Then Bangladesh team went to Zimbabwe tour and the result was same, DPL was postponed. The tournament was delayed for the third time which was then scheduled June 23 and July 3 for the player recruitment and the commencement of tournament respectively due to a lame excuse of ACSU report revelation. A t last till today  the tournament delayed for the fourth time which was supposed to held 25 July and 29 August for player recruitment and league commencement  respectively  due to demand of extra money for the clubs. In April domestic players are forced to protest the delay in holding the DPL, at the outside of Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium but at that time they supposed to be inside the stadium.


Cricketers protest against delay league.

Image: Daily Star

Now the question is would Bangladesh curtail international cricket for making available national players to play domestic league? How ridiculous the question is! Next  6 to 7 years Bangladesh suppose to play 65 ODIs while  elite cricket nation like India, Australia, England are suppose to play at least 200 ODIs matches at the same time. Under  this discriminating  situation either Bangladesh have to decrease international cricket more to comply with 12 clubs demand or  BCB has to be act like a man with backbone rather than a obedient slave of clubs. In the current situation a serious question has arisen. Who run Bangladesh cricket, BCB or Clubs Co-operatives?

No one find such a club obedient cricket board in the globe like BCB.BCB has no courage even to declare a date to start the league. Why some only 50 over tournament playing clubs would become such powerful in a test playing country? The answer is known to all. BCB’s members are actually the representatives come from various clubs. Their shout for the interest of Bangladesh cricket at the meeting with Board President is nothing but Oscar winning acting. After returning in club tent they all are 100 percent for clubs. The Ad-hoc committee has such example. For instance  in  the meeting  where the demand of delaying the league arose , BCB’s  Ad-hoc committee member  Mr.Ismail  Haidar Mollik was present there on behalf  of Abahahoni  Ltd. And another member  Mr.Lokman  Hossain  Buhiyan was there on behalf  of Mohamedan. These are persons who would then discuss on clubs decision in BCB’s meeting. Strange, how strange the country is!

These ‘disguise cricket organizers’ do not understand the importance of premier cricket league. At present it can be said that BCB has been trying hard to maintain clubs interest and clubs are only for their own. At present no party for the interest of Bangladesh cricket.BCB should not take any decision that keeps away the cricket from field not even any serious matter like ACSU report, As ASCU must not tell BCB to halt league.


On 28 July 1936 a boy was born to Shamont and Thelma Sobers of Walcott Avenue, Bay Land, St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados. He was the fifth of six children. He had two extra  fingers at birth during childhood he himself removed  those extras with the aid of catgut and a sharp knife .That  tremendous boy became  nightmare  for  opponent  bowlers  as well  as  batsmen. Would you guess who is he? Yes, he is the best all rounder all time, Sir Garfield St Aubun  Sobers.

In my point of view the ultimate sign of a great all rounder means a player is good enough to be picked for his team as either a batsman or a bowler. Certainly very few have ever met this criteria for instance Sobers ,Imran  Khan ,  Kith Miller and our Sakib Al Hasans. Though sobers actually debuted for  the  Windies  as a left –arm spinner, and batted near the tail. Sobers  bowled   averaged  38  over  a test  match   (21599  balls  in  93  tests) ,whereas  Sakib  averaged  40  over a test match (7242  balls  in  30  tests)



Statistical records of Sobers  as a bowler is little bit misleading,  as he was an exceptional bowler who can bowl every conceivable style from left arm spin to medium pace was fantastic for his side but  ultimately  obstacle to  his  own performance. The Windies  team  rely  on  Sobers  to fill gap ,which  was  left  after  they  pick  their team  around other  bowler. Therefore if  the pitch was likely  turn,  Sobers  would  ask  to  open the  bowling to take the  shine  off  the  new  ball before  Valetine, Ramadin, Gibbs  etc .Inversely if  the  pitch was  fast  , he  would  be  asked  to fill  the  role  of  spinners  before  Hall,  Griffith and  Gilchrist .

Their batting averages would not comparable. Sobers scared the opposition. One may never confident of victory against India until VVS is still out. If VVS is there ,it does not  matter if India are 7-125 chasing 300, Like VVS  the opposition team  was never quite  confident  until  two “S”  (Sobers  and  Sakib ) were  out .Though  Sobers  average is  pretty  high  than Sakib (Sobers average was 57.78 And Sakib’s average  is 36.07 ) Sobers  batting was  somehow  inferior to Sakib’s as he Sobers  batted more  at no. 5 and no. 6 where  as Sakib tended to bat at second or third drop.

Sakib and Sobers both are left handed batsman and left handed bowler. Sakib`s nick name is “MOYNA” and Sobers  nick name  is “ GARY” .Sobers  played  county  cricket for Nottinghamshire on the other hand Sakib has played county for Worestshire and Leicestershire .Both were selected as “Wisden Cricketer of the Year . “ Both of them lead their country also. In 1964 Sobers set the Test record for an individual batsman with 365 at 21 against Pakistan and on August 31, 1968 he became the first batsman ever to hit six consecutive sixes off an over in first class cricket against Malcom Nash.  At the moment Sakib is the no. 1 All-Rounder in all formats. Consider it as a world record as he was first selected as ICC world best all-rounded in 2009.

Sobers last his career 20 years. If Sakib can play another 10 years he probably might score around 17000 (6000 Test runs and 11000 ODI runs) plus runs and total 780 wickets (300 Test wickets and 480 ODI wickets) at current rate.

As I hope Sakib will thrive his performance than now so it is not a exaggerate thinking that cricket world might see another   Sobers like performer in near future.