What measures should take to control spot fixing ?

Though Bangladesh titled world no.1 in corruption 3 times, cricket is one of our prides which is the major source of our entertainment also. But spot fixing scandal has humiliated Bangladesh. In cricketing world we had a clean image as most of the countries have the allegation for fixing except Bangladesh. After the BPL scandal we registered our name formally in fixing. This must has shocked, disappointed and distressed Bangladesh cricket lovers. Involvement of some high profile name like Mohammad Ashraful, Mohammad Rafiq , is also particularly devastating.


Spot fixing : the devil which annihilates the innocence of cricket. @ Getty image

Recently in a joint statement ICC and BCB announced that there are 9 people involved in BPL scandal. Only Mohammad Ashraful has given the confessional statement. Ashraful’s supporters tried to make human chain and possession to support him. They want to say that Asharaful is our first superstar who gave Bangladesh many historic moment to become  proud . That’s why he (Ashariful ) should get less punishment. They also said in Bangladeshi culture we never admit our fault let alone seek pardon. Under this situation Ashraful ask for forgiveness to countrymen.

But other party opined, Asharsful should get severe punishment to set an example. But Ashraful’s severe punishment or less will not solve the problem properly. As to solve the problem we have to dig out the main causes and have to find some measures which might solve the problem effectively. I want to categorized some measures into three sections

   A. Educational measure:

BCB should step up educational programme for young player about honesty, integrity patriotism, the danger of spot fixing and corruption in cricket. Though it’s a dilemma like sex education for school children. If children are not mature enough than desire result may not come. BCB should extend education programme from capital to every district level.BCB should commence special education programme for young players of Under-15, Under-19  during national camp .BCB  should instruct player that money is very mush necessary but must not more important than mother like country. 

     B. Organizational measure:

 1. Strong and swift action should take against players who engaged with fixing.

 2. Players agent should have accredited with Board.

 3. Access to player during match should be restricted.

 4. In BPL every team should assigned an anti-corruption official with a security officer.

 5. BCB should intense its vigilance programme.

 6. BCB should instruct players not to disclose team combination before match even to the family members.

   C. Governmental measure:

Government should think of legalizing and regulating betting to reduce this to an acceptable level. According to Federation of India Chamber of Commerce Industry (FICCI) every year India is losing estimated Rs 12-20000 crore. Bangladeshi betting market must not as big as India’s. But definitely its size will grow day by day. So why Bangladesh govt.  will lose million dollar taxable revenue.

Spot fixing is so sophisticated to detect. So maybe it will be impossible to stop it entirely. But it can be said that measures described above must bring positive impact on the effort to control fixing on cricket. Fixing destroy the innocence of the game. Authority concern should not entomb this serious issue into cabinet box. Otherwise in future we will go to stadium to enjoy staged drama besides cinema hall.







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