Mysterious death of Hansie Cronje, Bob Woolmer and Bardish Dutt : Who is next ?

In July 30, 2013 Delhi Police filed its charge sheet in the IPL spot-fixing case naming underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his close aide Chhota Shakel and some cricketers, including S Sreesanth.


Bob Woolmer (left) and Hansie Cronje, an awesome combination but both life innings end sadly and prematurely. @ Getty Image

In 1992/93 India toured South Africa. In the first one day match South Africa needed 6 runs from only 4 balls. That exciting moment one player finished the match by hitting the famous six and was awarded Man of the match for his economical bowling. That player was  Wessel Johannes “Hansie” Cronje. In 2004 he was voted 11th greatest South African though having been life banned from cricket for his role in a match-fixing scam. Since W.G. Grace he was the first captain to win a three match after being one down. Hansie became South Africa’s highest Test run scorer in October 1999. Under his captaincy South Africa won 27 Test, lost 11, completing series victories against every team except Australia. In One Day International 99 wins from 138 matches with one tied match and three no result. In terms of matches won, his 99 wins as a captain made him the most successful captain worldwide.

On 1st June 2002 Hansie, aged 32, was killed as his scheduled flight was grounded into Quteniqua Mountains. In August 2006, South African High Court opened an inquest into the plane crash. That inquest states “the death of the Wessel Johannes (Hansie) Cronje was brought about by an act or omission prima facie amounting to an offense on the part of pilots.” Speculation that Hansie was murdered on the demand of cricket betting syndicate thrives after his death and was recently re-floated by former Nottinghamshire coach Clive Rice. Giving a confessional statement Hansie opened the dark side of cricket. He might have more information to reveal. His sudden death helped his partners to avoid legal action against them.

In October 1994, Bob Woolmer joined with Hansie as coach in South African team. Bob was hardly hesitant in innovating or introducing technology to enhance the result of the team. As a captain, Hansie gave the free rein to the former. 0n May 15, 1999 against India in the field it was determined that South African Skipper had been wearing an earpiece to receive instruction from Coach Bob Woolmer.

Later Pakistan selected Bob Woolmer as their coach. On 17 March Pakistan faced Ireland in the ninth match of the World Cup at Sabina Park and unheralded Irish team upset the Pakistanis. The lifeless body was found on the bathroom floor in his hotel’s room in the early next morning. Surprisingly all the Pakistan players had been out caught in that match against Ireland. According to Clive Rice that, fixing was definitely involved and the murder was linked to that

 More ‘odds’ can be calculated. 35748 wickets had fallen in all ODI matches till that match took place in Jamaica. Among them 19,949 wickets had been caught-that means 55.8 per cent. So the probability of all 10 wickets in an innings falling to catches produce a value of 0.0029.That is roughly as likely as 3 in 1000.Now if we look at the matches played on the Sabina Park till that day , we discover  165 caught out of 293 dismissals that is roughly 56.31 percent. The probability is 0.0032 and again roughly a chance of 3 in 1000. . So the numbers tell us that this was an extremely odd event.

In 2013 Indian fast bowler S Sreenath and other 13 have been arrested for the allegation of spot fixing in IPL. Delhi Police inspector Badrish Dutt was among those probing spot-fixing. He had information on spot fixing since last couple of month. He was specialized in cracking terrorist modules. He was awarded twice for gallantry. May 11, 2013 Dutt was found shot dead in his flat.

During an interview in the controversial new book Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy: A Journey to Heart of Cricket’s underground by Ed Hawkins. Former Chairperson of IPL, Lalit Modi has claimed that spot fixing is widespread in cricket. He added that he has survived three attempts on his life refusing to fix IPL matches.

As it is the truth like day light that Mafia Gang is related to fixing. They must not want to explore their activities .After giving the confessional statement Bangladesh’s first super hero Mohammad Ashraful may turn from their friend to foe.  Authority concern should take proper steps to avoid any mysterious incident and to dispel any kind of threat on Mohammad Ashraful’s life.


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