BCB and Clubs play aganist Bangladesh cricket.

Imagine Bangladesh cricket team is going to play against England without playing any domestic cricket. Then what result you expect  from them? You must not expect our tigers would play for win rather narrowing the defeat margin as we did at the earlier stage. I am sure as a Bangladesh cricket fan you must not think that even in unconscious mind but the real thing is different from our expectation.

Bangladesh domestic cricketers have not played any domestic cricket since mid-February. Once there was an ODI tournament with National League that has no trace through past few years.  Dhaka Premier League is the only platform for cricketers to practice 50 over match.DPL is not only main source of income of many cricketers but also a big stage for practicing cricket. The tournament  was supposed to be held in March-April,2013.At that time Bangladesh were touring in Sri Lanka and Dhaka clubs refused to participate without national  players. Then Bangladesh team went to Zimbabwe tour and the result was same, DPL was postponed. The tournament was delayed for the third time which was then scheduled June 23 and July 3 for the player recruitment and the commencement of tournament respectively due to a lame excuse of ACSU report revelation. A t last till today  the tournament delayed for the fourth time which was supposed to held 25 July and 29 August for player recruitment and league commencement  respectively  due to demand of extra money for the clubs. In April domestic players are forced to protest the delay in holding the DPL, at the outside of Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium but at that time they supposed to be inside the stadium.


Cricketers protest against delay league.

Image: Daily Star

Now the question is would Bangladesh curtail international cricket for making available national players to play domestic league? How ridiculous the question is! Next  6 to 7 years Bangladesh suppose to play 65 ODIs while  elite cricket nation like India, Australia, England are suppose to play at least 200 ODIs matches at the same time. Under  this discriminating  situation either Bangladesh have to decrease international cricket more to comply with 12 clubs demand or  BCB has to be act like a man with backbone rather than a obedient slave of clubs. In the current situation a serious question has arisen. Who run Bangladesh cricket, BCB or Clubs Co-operatives?

No one find such a club obedient cricket board in the globe like BCB.BCB has no courage even to declare a date to start the league. Why some only 50 over tournament playing clubs would become such powerful in a test playing country? The answer is known to all. BCB’s members are actually the representatives come from various clubs. Their shout for the interest of Bangladesh cricket at the meeting with Board President is nothing but Oscar winning acting. After returning in club tent they all are 100 percent for clubs. The Ad-hoc committee has such example. For instance  in  the meeting  where the demand of delaying the league arose , BCB’s  Ad-hoc committee member  Mr.Ismail  Haidar Mollik was present there on behalf  of Abahahoni  Ltd. And another member  Mr.Lokman  Hossain  Buhiyan was there on behalf  of Mohamedan. These are persons who would then discuss on clubs decision in BCB’s meeting. Strange, how strange the country is!

These ‘disguise cricket organizers’ do not understand the importance of premier cricket league. At present it can be said that BCB has been trying hard to maintain clubs interest and clubs are only for their own. At present no party for the interest of Bangladesh cricket.BCB should not take any decision that keeps away the cricket from field not even any serious matter like ACSU report, As ASCU must not tell BCB to halt league.


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